Characteristics of Wise Readers

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My library door this year is featuring some “Wise Reader” owls in an interactive display to remind students of some of the characteristics of good readers.

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The owls are saying:

    • Wise readers ask for help finding good books
    • Wise readers have favorite authors and illustrators
    • Wise readers take care of books
    • Wise readers wonder and make predictions about the characters in the story
    • Wise readers choose books that are just right
    • Wise readers find comfortable spots to read
    • Wise readers recommend books to their friends

The right-hand door offers students and teachers an opportunity to add their own ideas to the display.  I have more owls I can put up if needed.

I chose broad ideas for the display, which gives me a chance for deeper conversations with the students about each one.  Are there any characteristics you would add?  Please share in the comments so I can add your suggestions to the doors!



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