Characteristics of Wise Readers

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My library door this year is featuring some “Wise Reader” owls in an interactive display to remind students of some of the characteristics of good readers.

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The owls are saying:

    • Wise readers ask for help finding good books
    • Wise readers have favorite authors and illustrators
    • Wise readers take care of books
    • Wise readers wonder and make predictions about the characters in the story
    • Wise readers choose books that are just right
    • Wise readers find comfortable spots to read
    • Wise readers recommend books to their friends

The right-hand door offers students and teachers an opportunity to add their own ideas to the display.  I have more owls I can put up if needed.

I chose broad ideas for the display, which gives me a chance for deeper conversations with the students about each one.  Are there any characteristics you would add?  Please share in the comments so I can add your suggestions to the doors!



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Who Said It: Book Quotes Bulletin Board

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I like to make my library displays dynamic and interactive, so for my bulletin board last month I incorporated my “Wise Readers” library theme and created the Who Said It contest.  I pulled a stack of new books I wanted to introduce to the upper elementary students, and I typed up the first sentence or two from each in a speech bubble.  Then I printed some plain “clip art” books and numbered them.  I wanted to let the books do the talking and the kids do the listening, so I only chose books that had intriguing opening paragraphs and I made sure to include a variety of genres.  I stapled the blank books and the excerpts to the bulletin board with the heading “Whooo Said It?” at the top.

Students had about two weeks to figure out which books were being quoted and turn in an entry form with the title or the name of the character doing the speaking in each excerpt.  All students who got at least one correct answer received a treat, and the student with the most correct answers won a $5.00 gift certificate to our upcoming book fair.  After the entries had been turned in, I replaced the numbered books with the actual book covers, including the call numbers where the books could be found in the library (added after I took the photo below).

The books I used are as follows.  Click the title for a “Look Inside” preview.

I plan to use this idea again to highlight more great books from our library collection.  Do you have any recommendations for middle grade chapter books with compelling opening paragraphs?  Please share in the comments!


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