A Book Nook at Home

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This blog post entitled Creating Reading Spaces at Home at the Once Upon a Story blog has my brain spinning with ideas to promote this idea at my school.

The premise, obviously, is that kids need a comfy cozy area at home where they can relax and read.  Sure they can curl up on the couch or in their beds, but think of the statement it makes about the importance of reading when a parent takes the time and effort to create an inviting area to be used specifically for enjoying books!

I’m thinking of inviting kids to bring in or email me pictures of their special reading areas at home to be displayed at school and/or on our library home page, and I will give away a free book of choice to anyone who shares a photo.  If I leave the offer up all year, maybe that will encourage some families to create a book nook if they don’t have one already.

And why not extend the same offer to my teachers to share pictures of the special reading areas in their classrooms?  Showcasing their creative ideas would be a perfect way to kick off the event and inspire the students!


Photo Source: Karah Mills posted on Pinterest

Family Literacy Calendar

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I’ve added a new resource to my Parents page on our school website:  The Day By Day SC Family Literacy Calendar.  Each month has a theme, and within that theme the daily topic is supported by books, songs, games, and craft ideas.  The resources are aimed at young children, with an emphasis on Kindergarten readiness skills, but many of the activities are suitable for older kids as well.

This is just one of several family resources provided through the S.C. State Library.  Others include the Read With Me site, where you’ll find fabulous family reading resources; Let’s Get Crafty, which shares ideas for arts and crafts projects;  Places in SC, with an interactive map highlighting family-friendly activities in each county in the state; and Be Healthy. to assist families with health, exercise, and nutrition information.  Parents might also be interested in the Family Friendly Standards page.

We round off the S.C. State Library offerings with The Reading Rooster Recommends (now available on Streamline SC), ReadSC (The S.C. Center for the Book), StudySC (providing South Carolina resources for students), and of course DISCUS (providing reference resources for students). 

Wow, good stuff State Library!