If You Share Google Docs, You Need “Make A Copy”

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Ever shared a Google Doc with someone and then realized they were editing your original document when your intention was that they would work from a copy instead?  Did you know that you can force users to make a copy before they can access your document?  This quick screencast video will show you how!

Googly-Eyed Book Fun

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I got sidetracked today doing something silly and I wanted to share it with you: I gave some favorite book characters a new look by adding googly eyes to their faces!

Interesting fact: Some book characters ALREADY HAVE googly eyes!  Watch the video and see if you can tell which ones have new (and improved?) googly eyes, and which ones came pre-googled.

Old Spice Guy On Libraries

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I kind of took the summer off from posting and reading other blogs, so I totally missed the Old Spice Guy speaking about libraries. Maybe you missed it too? If so, enjoy it here!

Now that’s a refreshing way to begin a Monday morning!