Moo-oove Over, Tiny URL!

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I was listening to the latest podcast from the Tech Chicks this week and found out about a new URL shortening service: MooURL!  This cute little cow does the same thing TinyURL does, which is to shorten an outrageously long URL into a shorter one.  Both sites also give you the option to add the suffix of your choice to the end of your short URL, rather than using the randomly assigned letters and numbers provided by the sites’ URL generators. 

So why choose Moo over Tiny?  I wanted to shorten my media center URL and use my school abbreviation (ADE) as the ending.  That suffix was not available at TinyURL, but Moo came throooo!

Using Moo, I went from this: (93 characters!)

To this: (only 25 characters!)

Thanks, Tech Chicks!

p.s. I captured the Moo header (at the top of this post) from the moourl website by right clicking and using the “save picture as” option.  Next, I uploaded it into my Flickr account, then used Flickr’s “blog this” feature to create this post. 

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3 thoughts on “Moo-oove Over, Tiny URL!

  1. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I’ve fallen behind on listening to Tech Chicks (as well as many other podcasts!) so hadn’t heard about this one. I’ll definately use it to shorten my library url for our bookmarks and promotional tools.

  2. Thanks for sharing Moourl!!
    I have always loved the Tiny URL concept but I wanted to be able to use my own letters.
    I will be sure to share this with my colleagues.

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