Stand Up for Girls

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Thursday, Oct 11, is International Day of the Girl, described as “a movement to speak out against gender bias and advocate for girls’ rights everywhere.”

The LitWorld website has added a literacy twist to the campaign with their Stand Up for Girls program, which “advocates for every girl’s right to a quality education. By learning to read and write, all girls in the world can protect themselves against poverty, poor health outcomes and lifelong struggle. Literacy is a skill that once learned, is hers forever.”

To encourage my teachers to raise awareness of this issue in their classrooms, I put together an annotated list of Girl Power biographies available in my library that not only highlight the accomplishments of girls and women in history, but are very read-aloudable.  The list also includes a baker’s dozen of fiction titles featuring spunky heroines.  I’ve included the first line or two from each fiction book in italics below the summary

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