Sites Shared With Teachers This Week 9/14/2012

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The Legend of the Teddy Bear book by Frank Murphy, in honor of our 1st Grade Teddy Bear Parade on Sept 14


Author Name Pronunciation Guide from for audio files of authors pronouncing and sometimes giving the history of their names

Carrot Sticks online game for math practice in computer centers or on the Promethean board


International Dot Day website, encouraging teachers and students to celebrate creativity in the classroom



Harry Potter Reading Club sponsored by Scholastic, with a Virtual Author Visit by J.K. Rowling on Oct 11


BrainPop Webinar Archives for “Back to School with BrainPop” webinar since BrainPop Jr. is now available to South Carolina educators free of charge through DISCUS


Deborah Hopkinson’s website for our 5th Grade Author Study for September, since many of her books tie in with our 5th grade Social Studies curriculum

Aaron Shepherd’s Reader’s Theater website for free printable reader’s theater scripts


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