Schoolwide Goal – Math Improvement!

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In the spirit of using this blog to focus on my little successes (in the face of so many big changes) our faculty has decided to make improved math performance our goal for the year. 

Why is this a success for me?  After all, I was hoping that Reading would be the big thing this year.  It’s because my first WWW of the year just happened to be a math site!  Yay me! 

And by continuing to showcase different math tools throughout the year (in addition to the math materials in our collection) I can demonstrate that I’m a valuable curriculum resource for teachers and students in areas other than ELA.  Yay me again!

So if you have any tried-and-true, can’t-live-without-it math suggestions (books, websites, blogs, DVDs, etc) for elementary students, please leave a comment and tell me about them!

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