Regional Librarians Workshop 2018

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  I was fortunate to be able to attend the South Carolina Regional Librarians Workshop this week, sponsored by the University of South Carolina, The S.C.Department of Education, and the S.C. Association of School Librarians.  The schedule featured a general session in the morning with information about our state’s Read to Succeed program, upcoming events for librarians, and most importantly our new library standards developed by the American Association of School Librarians.


  There were five librarians from my district in attendance, and we were all taking furious notes to bring back to our colleagues at our March librarians meeting.  Some of the things I found most interesting:

  • The S.C. Education Oversight Committee has partnered with to create the Palmetto Digital Literacy Program, paid for by the S.C. General Assembly, to assist students in improving basic computer skills
  • 40% of schools in S.C. have 1:1 learning programs
  • Lottery money provides $29,288,000.00 for S.C. schools
  • Because of the shortage of certified librarians in our state, Charleston has organized a cohort for those who are interested in pursuing their masters degree in Library and Information Science which includes tuition assistance and mentoring from librarians in their district.  (This is something we feel our district should pursue as well to accommodate the needs in our own schools.)

After lunch we received a tour of the Richland Two Institute of Innovation, which hosts advanced technology classes for high school students, public concerts in its stateWe also-of-the-art auditorium, and meeting spaces for community groups.  It also houses a public children’s library that is completely user-friendly, from the reconfigurable furniture to the well-lit makerspace area to the invitingly curvy bookshelves to the outdoor reading area.


Workshop attendees also had a choice of several break-out sessions, so we decided to divide and conquer so that we could get information from each presenter.  I’ll do another post after gathering info and links from my fellow librarians to share what we all learned and how we can use it to improve our services to students and teachers.

If you were at the Regional Workshop please leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

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