Celebrating Summer Reading

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Do you celebrate with your students who read over the summer?  I do!

Summer Reading Banner Filled

Every year we have a Summer Reading Ice Cream Sundae Party for students who read over the summer.  I require students to provide some sort of documentation of the reading they did — an official certificate or list of books read from a library or bookstore program, or a signed reading log that I provide for them.  (Click here if you would like to download a copy of the reading log I created.)

I ask parent volunteers to provide the ice cream and toppings, and to help with serving and crowd control.  (I also have one or two adults at the door with a checklist to make sure no one slips through uninvited!)  PTA assists us by decorating our cafeteria for the party, and our Art teacher makes a banner where everyone posts a favorite summer book.

Take a look at our video from last year’s festivities:

If you do something different to promote summer reading, please share it in the comments!



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