WWII Books on ThingLink

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I posted earlier on this blog about using ThingLink to curate resources for the poetry books in my library.

WWII ThingLink

Screenshot of my ThingLink WWII channel.


Over the weekend I added a new “Channel” to my ThingLink account for World War II books from my library.  Our 5th grade teachers are covering WWII in social studies, and I wanted to share links to lesson plans and discussion guides.  All the images are set to Public so you can view and use the resources I’ve collected for each book.  I’ve enabled the editing rights as well, so if you have a good resource for any of these books please share your links!

Here’s an example of a ThingLink-ed image.  I uploaded a photo of the book cover, then added the links you see near the lower left of the picture when you hover over it with your mouse.  Just click the link to access the resource!


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