(Empty the Shelves) Challenge Accepted!

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Carolyn at Risking Failure has issued a challenge for the month of April:

During the month of April, I am challenging my students to read all of the books in our picture book collection…. If you would like to join us for the month of April, go for it!!!”


Poetry Shelves Before

Count me in!  But I am going to modify the challenge for myself:  Instead of emptying the Everybody shelves, I’m going to focus on the 811 section.  I’m already working on ideas to promote those books anyway for National Poetry Month, so rather than splitting my focus, I’ll just make an even bigger push to get them into the hands of students and teachers.  I’ve taken a “before” picture, and I’ll add an “after” picture at the end of April when I share my results.

If you’d like to join in, go to the Empty the Shelves Challenge post and leave a comment for Carolyn telling her what section of the library you want to empty out next month!


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