#TLElem Chat Leaves Me Breathless!

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The tweets were flying thick and fast last night at the #TLElem Twitter Chat!  Between trying to read, reply, locate sites, and send tweets myself I was exhausted (but exhilerated!) by the end of the chat!

The focus of our discussion was supposed to be Library Centers, but in addition to that we bird-walked through poetry, library pets, funding resources for libraries, book promotion, and much more before it was all said and done.

I’ll be adding all those interesting and innovative ideas for centers to my newly-created Library Centers wiki this week, so keep checking it for TL-tested ways to add a little independent student learning to your library!

Did you miss the chat?  You should:

  • Take a look at the archive of last night’s tweets, hosted at the TLElem Wiki.  (Thanks to @cktechtl for getting it up so quickly!)
  • Follow #TLElem on Twitter and become a part of a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, generous, hard-working, creative PLN!
  • Join us for our next #TLElem chat on Monday, April 15, 9:00 pm EST, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues
  • Add your suggestions for future chat topics to the TLElem Brainstorm
  • Share a little about the centers you’re using in your Library by leaving a comment here or tweeting #TLElem to me @LibraryLoriJune

Thanks again to everyone who participated last night!  If only all professional development was this much fun!


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One thought on “#TLElem Chat Leaves Me Breathless!

  1. #Tlelem can only be as good as the people that use it. Your tweet and ideas are a large part of what it makes it successful so far.

    Awesome post! 🙂

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