Vote for Books 2012

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In addition to going to the polls to vote today, why not hop over to Vote for Books (sponsored by Highsmith) and help decide the election there!

You can vote in any or all of the following four categories: the Children’s Series category (Bad Kitty vs Captain Underpants),  the Children’s Title category (Green Eggs and Ham vs Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus), the Teens and Tweens Series category (The Hunger Games vs Percy Jackson), and the Teens and Tweens Title category (Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life vs Out of My Mind).

Please leave a comment to let us know you voted!  I’ll update this post tomorrow with the winners!

p.s.  Just came across this book trailer, and it was so timely I had to include it!  It is in no way intended to sway your vote!



Updated Nov 7:  And the winners are…..


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