Poetry Friday Anthology

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I’ve found a great resource to share with my teachers who want to use more poetry with their students this year:  The Poetry Friday Anthology by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong!

To quote from Vardell’s Poetry for Children blog:

[The book] features 200+ poems by 75 poets, plus curriculum connections for every single poem tied to the new Common Core standards….providing a poem-a-week for every grade level, K-5 along with 5 minutes of skill-based activities.  The Poetry Friday Anthology officially launches tomorrow, Sept. 1, and now includes both paperback and digital versions. The paperback includes ALL the poems and activities K-5. The e-books can be purchased as the entire K-5 collection, or simply for a single grade level K, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  The added beauty of the e-book versions is that you can project the poem (via computer and Kindle app), and the e-book is searchable…

And if the book itself weren’t enough, the authors have also created a companion blog titled (what else?) The Poetry Friday Anthology blog, which provides samples of poems and related activities, and explains how those activities align with the Common Core standards.  Librarians will especially enjoy the Week 1 poem!

You can use the “Click to Look Inside” feature at Amazon to preview the book, and to read reviews from teachers, authors, and poets.  (As of this writing, there are 16 reviews, and all have rated the book 5 stars.)

I plan to see how many of my teachers would be interested in using this book, and whether they prefer a hard copy or an ebook, and that will determine what we decide to order for our school.  I will post again later in the year to share  some of our Poetry Friday success stories!

Update 9/7/2012:  I’ve shared these resources with a 4th grade teacher who I know uses poetry with her students throughout the year (rather than waiting until April to do a poetry unit) and who has agreed to evaluate them from a classroom teacher’s point of view.  I will post again later on how the “test drive” goes!


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