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I added a new widget to my blog last week.  It’s called Book Box, and it allows you to display any selection of books that you choose on any web page that accepts embed code. 


I like Book Box because there’s no registration necessary.  You just search for the books onscreen, click to add the ones you want to include, give your box a name, and enter a password.  Grab the resulting embed code, and you’re all set! 

You can edit the box at any time without having to change your embed code – your box is updated automatically!  You can create as many boxes as you like, with a different set of titles in each.


Clicking on a book in your Book Box display will take you to Amazon, and if you have an Amazon ID you can include it so that if anyone clicks through and purchases something, you will receive a percentage of the sale. 

(Note: I did not include an Amazon ID with my box.  From the developers:  “If you choose not to use this option and leave the field blank, we can use our own associate-id, and in this case if someone makes a purchase, we will get a few cents from Amazon, that we can use to offset the costs of hosting and further developing BookBox.”  I’m cool with that.)

I know there are other programs that allow you to display a bookshelf on your page, but for ease of use and customization, I think Book Box is hard to beat!

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