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I’ve been working on cleaning up my blog roll, weeding out some blogs that aren’t being kept up anymore, adding some new ones I’ve found, and categorizing everything for ease of use. 

This blog started out as an education technology blog, but I’m finding lately that I want to write more about what’s going on in my library.  I think my links to other blogs should reflect my connection to the library world, so I’ve added a “Librarian Blogs” category.  But really, if I listed all the blogs I actually follow, the page would never stop scrolling!

I use Netvibes as my reader, because not only can I add feeds, I can also add webpages, bookmarks, photos, videos, text, and all manner of widgets to it, each in its own tab on its own page.  Everything is private to logged in users, but I do have a public page where I can share my best finds with the world.  If you really want to know who I’m reading, visit Keeping An Eye On… to find out.

Where do you draw the line at adding links to your blog roll?

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