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Normally I wouldn’t present a site this full of resources as the WWW (I prefer to dole them out in more manageable chunks, complete with analysis and/or explanation of how to use the tool), but since this is the final WWW for the year I want to leave you with something to keep you going all summer! 

JMS Technology is the place to find every kind of Web 2.0 tool you might possibly need, nicely categorized and annotated, complete with logo icons.  (And you know how I love me some logo icons!)

Decided to store your important documents “in the cloud” in case of a hard drive crash?  Check out the File Storage sites.  Want to experiment with podcasting this summer?  Take a look at the Audio Tools.  Need to add a spark to some tired lesson plans?  The Teacher Resources list includes links to games, lessons, and ideas for every subject.  Or, if none of these float your boat, there are 16 other categories to choose from.

Spend some time exploring here, and you’re guaranteed to find some fun new toys to play with!

Click here to visit the archive of all the WWW sites I’ve shared so far.

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