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…to register for the Upstate Technology Conference going on June 22 & 23!  The Theme is “The Face of Today’s Learner,” and the event will be hosted by Wade Hampton High School.  This year’s keynote speaker is Hall Davidson, of Discovery Education.  And best of all?  No registration fee!  That’s right – this is a FREE technology conference!

The schedule of sessions is posted now, and I can’t believe how many are being offered!  (There are 90 on Tuesday alone!)  The variety of tools and topics included here will ensure that there’s something for everyone, so please share this info with your colleagues.

By the way, I’ll be presenting a session myself:

Managing Web 2.0 Tools for Today’s Learner
Online journals, podcasts, blogs, wikis, Twitter – all are invaluable resources for teachers, administrators, and students, but keeping track of so much information can be overwhelming!  Learn how to use a free personalized start page to organize all your Internet content in one place.  I’ll share my best resources with you, and walk you through creating your own start page so you can leave with a handy one-page view of all your Web 2.0 tools.

Hope to see you there!

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