WWW – Myths and Legends

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One of the ways I’ve been sharing technology with my teachers is to email them a WWW (Weekly Wednesday Website) to share an online resource that might be useful in the classroom.  Starting today, I’ll share those websites here as well.  I’ve also created an archive of all the sites I’ve shared so far so that teachers can find a particular website without having to search through a list of emails. 

Today’s WWW:  Myths and Legends

This site has collected myths and legends from different time periods and from countries all over the world.  Students can hear the stories read aloud, accompanied by comic book-style illustrations.  Visitors are also encouraged to share their own stories by either typing in the text of an original tale, or using Story Creator 2, which is provided by the site.  There is even a Teacher section with resources created or recommended by teachers for use in lessons.  Fun to share with the whole class, or allow students to explore individually!

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