Keeping An Eye On The Web!

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Keeping An Eye On The Web

Using a newsreader is actually something I’ve been doing for awhile now.  I took a look at the Bloglines website, but I confess I didn’t spend too much time on it because I am extremely happy with my Netvibes page.  Netvibes is actually a personalized start page which allows me to put all of my web content in one place, using customizable tabbed pages to keep everything organized.  Through the use of widgets I can easily add RSS feeds for podcasts, blogs, and news, but I can also include photos, bookmarks, webpage modules, html, pop e-mail, and more.

Netvibes allows me to have a public page to share with the world in addition to a private page that only I can access.  I have transferred some of my private items to my public page, Keeping An Eye On…, to show just a little of what you can do with Netvibes, and you are welcome to take a look at it.


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2 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye On The Web!

  1. Netvibes is a FANTASTIC tool for managing subscriptions. I’ve frequently thought of using my igoogle page for the same, but I like the ability to star or mark things to go back and read. Netvibes probably has that feature in some format, though now that I’m used to Google Reader, I will continue to use it. Thanks for sharing about how Netvibes is effective for you.

  2. After I started using Netvibes, I found out about Pageflakes and thought, “Oh wow, I wonder if this is better than Netvibes?” And then I thought, “Do I really want to take the time it will require to play around with it and find out?” The answer was NO! There are too many other things I want to explore right now! Since beginning my Web 2.0 journey this summer, I’ve really become fascinated with all the tools and applications that are out there, so I’m constantly thinking about which ones I can use at school as well as in my personal life. People like you, Cathy, are a real inspiration for those of us just getting started in the 2.0 world!

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