23 Things

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I’m excited about doing the 23 Things with other S.C. media specialists!  This summer I started doing All Together Now: A 2.0 Learning Experience from the School Library Journal website.  I stopped after learning that SCASL was offering a similar program, but even the few exercises that I completed through the SLJ website have already changed the way I do my job. 

For example, I knew I wanted to start a systematic technology training program for my teachers this year, and my original plan was just to communicate with them via email.  It was the SLJ Blog Thing that led me to create a blog – Technology Teasers for Teachers – to organize and disseminate the information I knew my teachers would need.

Thanks to everyone at SCASL who has worked and is working so hard to provide these tutorials!  Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

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One thought on “23 Things

  1. Your blog looks great! Thanks for sharing your blog for teachers too. I have already added it to my Google Reader.
    I hope you continue to enjoy working on the 23 Things as we all enjoy reading each others blogs and learning experiences.

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